Teacher Town Halls: Real Talk on Education Reform

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Direct Panelist Questions

Michelle- What was your experience in Washington?

David S., Married to an educator | Birmingham, AL


Drop Out rate

How to increase graduation rates for the state/US

Angie C., Social Worker | Birmingham, AL

How does the education system reduce the drop-out rate?

Gene F. | Birmingham, AL


Overall Policy Improvements

Higher standards for teaching/teacher wages

Adam W. | Birmingham, AL


If race is not a common denominator regarding education, then why are schools in the US still somewhat segregated?

Anonymous . | Birmingham, AL


-Parental Involvement
-Reaching children where they are and increasing their knowledge from there

Candyce C., Assistant Ed. Coordinator | Birmingham, AL

We have focused a lot on accountability, but let's consider student/parent accountability. Often struggling learnings and their parents have had bad experiences with school and lack the motivation to even attend most of the time so, what is the best way to address this?

Larry S., Instructional Coach | Birmingham, AL


-Discipline: Complacent attitude of students
-Decline in writing skills and critical thinking skills
-Students' various learning styles are being ignored
-Much less emphasis these days on multi sensory instruction & cooperative groups for instruction (much research availale on these strategies
-Cookie cutter reading programs: Every teacher in the coutrea reading the same story the same week & taking the test same day
-The comprehension questions that students answer on the test are pre-taught-no real thinking!
-No art included in curr.

Donna A., Retired Teacher (40 years in the class room) | Birmingham, AL


Exactly which policies and procedures do you intend to make alterations to concerning the way that instructors are currently evaluated & what is your expected outcoume?

Iris W., MLA, PT, MBC, GED | Birmingham, AL


How can college students who are not education majors help?

Jakiera M. | Birmingham, AL


What policy changes will affect 1st year teachers in alabama?

Jaquesia G. | Birmingham, AL


I would like the panel to address the 1% increase that educators/teachers have received. Teachers deal with too many discipline problems to receive the pay they do.

Jeremy C., Future Physical Education Teacher | Birmingham, AL


-What is the best formula for a successful school system?
-Who plays the biggest role in student success? If more than one, list them in order of importance.

Jerry T., PTA | Birmingham, AL


Charter schools and school choice reforms and if they really hurt the teachers and their effects on the students (ie. success rates)

Virginia W. | Birmingham, AL


Rural education access & lack of opportunity (in many cases)

Lindsey C., Future Secondary Teacher | Birmingham, AL


What to do when the system is corrupted at the top?

Lori W. | Birmingham, AL


What is the most important impact you think we can make to bridge the disparities between public and charter schools?

Mark M., Student | Birmingham, AL


I am a member of AEA however I want to know what will help the least of these if you have an answer I want to hear it[.] You spoke of having to have students other than black in order to have a charter school[.] Why is that necessary. Teachers don't speak up because "we" could be fired like you all

Mary B. | Birmingham, AL


What can Birmingham do to save our students (and therefore, our economy, future, etc)?

Meredith D., Manager | Birmingham, AL


Are you familiar with the Colorado school district that change[d] how the school [taught] by [doing] away with the grade level system? The child moves as he/she master[s] a skill. Do you know the status of this change?

Pamela W. | Birmingham, AL


Can you speak a little bit about the Alabama Accountability Act and why it is receiving such negative attention when it promotes positivity in education?

Scout T. | Birmingham, AL


How [do we] get Alabama children reading and doing math at the Massachusetts level?

Susan R., Attorney | Birmingham, AL


In the state of Alabama I wish all stakeholders would address the same mission, one mission at a time.

Tyrone W., Retired Teacher | Birmingham, AL


How do you keep children engaged after being put out of schools or terated unfairly? I have found that once a child is ostricized they are no longer interested in anything the school offers.

Vanessa B., FORCE-President Leader in Community | Birmingham, AL


How to attract committed volunteers [to] tutoring an at-risk student population?

Zina W., Counselor/Educatio Specialist | Birmingham, AL


School Choice

How would charter schools affect schools and teachers currently in the state?

Al E., Teacher | Birmingham, AL

What are the benefits of charter schools, more specifically in Alabama?

Taajah W., Math Coach | Birmingham, AL


A common arguement against public school choice is that it takes resources away from failing schools. How do you respond?

Cameron S. | Birmingham, AL


How can we establish charter schools in Alabama?

Jorie S., Social Worker | Birmingham, AL


School Funding

What is your view on Alabama's tax incentive for students in failing schools? How students in those schools should be helped and your view on the term "failing school"!

Ashley S. | Birmingham, AL


Why have our schools placed so much emphasis on STEM while defunding technical progams where the workers are growing older by the day. Mike Rowe says we have abondoned those kids.

Herb H., Graduation/Credit Recovery Teacher | Birmingham, AL


Given that pillars 1 & 2 are coverd frequently in discussions/debates, is there anything you think would surprise teahers and community members about how their tax money is actually spent in terms of funding formulas? What needs to be done in order to spend more wisely & better allocate money where it needs to go?

Jennifer S., School Councelor & Teacher | Birmingham, AL


Dr. Perry referred to his charter school as being funded by the same public funds as other public schools. Please define "public funds" and explain any difference of funds provided to charter vs. public schools.

Melanie L., Parent/Tax Payer | Birmingham, AL


Standardized Testing

What is the best way to assess student achievement other than standardized tests?

Karen K., Executive Director Better Basics Inc | Birmingham, AL


How are AL teachers failing it's students when our teachers are developming programs like AMSTI, ARI, Access + other programs that have been nationally recognized and help Alabama to make the 4th largest gains on NAEP?

Terri M., Parent | Birmingham, AL


Student Involvement

You mentioned unions to support teachers, what is in place for eachers in charter schools? AND although children are a product of their enviornment, how many surveys have been done with children (of a mature age) that may have experienced both private and public education? What were the results?

Jameria O. | Birmingham, AL